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The first question we ask professionals who are considering coaching is "What do you want to be different?"  Based on the answer, each coaching solution is custom designed to support our client to create the desired difference.  Below are the stories of clients who have flourished while working with their TFC coach.


Executive in transition
In 2008, a former executive from a Fortune 500 company engaged a TFC coach to explore next career steps.  Impacted by a corporate re-structuring, she had the opportunity to head in any direction.  The challenge?   She wasn't sure what she wanted to do next.  With the support of her coach she gaining clarity about her key motivators, what is important for her in her work, launched a networking strategy and assessed her options.  We are happy to report this client now embraces the perfect role for her - North American President of an international company.
Business owner moving beyond start-up
  Beginning in 2007, a solo-preneur continues to benefit from TFC coaching by identifying business systems and processes enabling her to grow from start-up to mature/stabilized business.  With coaching support, she conducted due diligence for an acquisition, re-aligned strategic alliances, reduced overheard costs by 50% and adjusted service mix for improved cash flow. Our client just celebrated her 5th anniversary and is now evaluating passive revenue streams to leverage her expertise.  
Business partners give their biz a boost
  In 2009, two business partners re-engaged their TFC coach to help them continue to grow their business.  During their first engagement they achieved their goal to gain clarity about their perfect client and develop a marketing strategy for focused growth.  An unexpected additional benefit was the strengthening and alignment of their business partnership.  They have returned to TFC coaching armed with their new razor sharp focus of what they want to be different in their business and the request for help to to re-position their business.  
  Contact The Flourishing Company to discuss what you want to be different. TFC coaches can help you identify your opportunities to align your work with what is important to you and position yourself for growth.  Call Heather at 419-309-4252 and get started today.  



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