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Working with executives committed to aligning their people with the strategic plan


How TFC Interventions Help Your Teams

  TFC coaches work directly with teams and organizations with a focus on specific aspects of team and organization development. Using The Flourishing Process, we employ a combination of assessments, systems coaching and follow-up to identify and address specific issues.  
  Assessment quickly identifies areas needing development. We use cutting edge tools such as the Team Diagnostic Assessment which measures the productivity and positivity functioning of the team as experienced by the team. This assessment also provides benchmarking to track team changes over time.  
  Systems Coaches work directly with the team to address challenges and leverage strengths for effective resolution. Team/Organization training ensures that the team is able to master new skills and employ them post-intervention to create lasting change.  
  Follow-Up and Accountability ensure the created change is sustainable and new behaviors are well-anchored.  

When You Can Benefit From Team Coaching

  Tired of individual team members colliding instead of collaborating while chasing success?  Frustrated by collisions developing when each individual attempts to reach the same goal by doing their "own thing"; inhibiting the team's effectiveness?  
  With coaching support, teams can design their working relationship and establish the building blocks for the group's shared success.  
Addressing these issues builds a foundation for success:
  • Workforce effectiveness
  • Change management
  • Strategic planning
  • Assistance with acquisitions
  • Assistance with restructuring
  • Conflict resolution
  • Silo busting 

  How One-On-One Coaching Helps

  On those occasions when a team is a mix of of highly competent and moderately competent members with varying levels of commitment, individual one-on-one coaching can help close the gap.  As individual team members develop the mindset and skill-set essential for creating and sustaining a fully engaged, high-performing team, collaboration emerges and friction dissipates.  

  Call TFC to Co-create Your Plan For Success

  When working with TFC, your team will create a comprehensive plan to work towards the same goal, promote high productivity and high positivity, and strengthen team camaraderie.  Contact The Flourishing Company at 419-309-4252 to get started.  


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