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  The job search has changed dramatically in the New Economy...  

....and outplacement needs have changed


  TFC Coaches Understand the Successful New Job Search

We at The Flourishing Company are on the front-lines.  Armed with current market experience, we offer a proven system to get each person off to a fast start and provide on-going support through their transition. 


World-class coaches are assembled to support the unique requirements of each client.

Individuals can hire
a TFC coach too!


Check our this   

Pro Bono Case Study   


Individual Programs

t One-on-one coaching
t Move past the termination
t Develop and implement a successful self-marketing campaign
t Comprehensive career assessment
t Effective job search for today's market

Signature Program

Ÿ Up to 24 coaching hours
Ÿ Practical systemic support from termination to placement

Professional Program

High level managers and professionals 
Ÿ Up to 12 coaching hours
Ÿ Practical systemic support from termination to placement 
Additional services are
available for individuals
considering retirement
or the next step in their
career path.


QuickStart Workshop
With Coaching
Supervisory and
Support Staff
Two day workshop with practical guidance 
Ÿ 4 hours one-on-one follow on coaching for each participant in the 30 days following the workshop
Ÿ tools and support to cope with with job loss
Ÿ Comprehensive career assessment
Ÿ Contemporary system to conduct a successful job search in the new economy

Conducting a Successful

Job Search in the New
1 day workshop
Ÿ Winning job search strategies
Ÿ Networking strategies and tactics 
Ÿ Social networks in the job search
Ÿ Resume development


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