CRRGlobal Announces International Systems Coaching Journal
07/08/10 (via ORSC Global)
Responding to a strong call from both the ORSC™ practitioner community and clients around the world, CRRGlobal is launching a new international journal. 
“The purpose of the journal,” says CEO Marita Fridjhon, “is to showcase the art and science of Relationship Systems Work™ and strengthen the credibility of this discipline.  Drawing on the expertise and experience growing around the globe, we anticipate the journal will feature research, best practices, tools, case studies and the introduction of emerging concepts from other disciplines that can be integrated into our ORSC™ work’.
The first issue is anticipated in late 2011 and will be created and managed utilizing a volunteer model to begin.  To initiate this effort, CRRGlobal has named Heather L. Bradley, President & CEO of The Flourishing Company to fill the role of Interim Editor-In-Chief.  “Heather’s background as an ORSC™ certified practitioner, former Fortune 500 Vice President of Human Resources and twice-published author,” says Fridjhon “make her uniquely qualified to lead the initial project and development team through our first year of publication.”
We hope you share in our excitement of the prospect of contributing to the growing body of knowledge for our profession.  Over the coming weeks and months there will be calls for volunteers to fill roles in the areas of design, management and content generation.   Whether you are able to take an active role or become a subscriber, we invite you to celebrate this important milestone for ORSC™ practitioners.
Questions or comments regarding the journal project can be submitted to
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